Drumming is for Everyone

So What Should I Play?

These are a few guidelines that are useful to keep in mind:

  • The difference between noise and music is repetition. Repetition is what makes change sound good.
    • Change makes going back to the old phrase fresh
    • Longer phrases leave more interesting spaces.
    • Having two or more themes to move between is useful.
    • Each person has a subjective perspective.
  • Less is more. The more drums, the less each has to play.
    • Find space in the phrase where you can add your voice.
Transformus 2014, Percussion Junction

The Cheerful Strength logo is a complex Celtic knot which represents the interconnection of community. Each individual is a strand that makes up a beautiful whole design. Our connections are seamless, and there is no way to determine where our influence begins and ends.

We are all One!

The design also symbolizes the inter-related nature of the classes and events we offer; and the act of bringing people together to share their knowledge, learn new skills, and make new friends.

Celtic Knot in Deep Blue by Hilary Oak