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The cool things in our Emporium feature artwork by me, Hilary Oak, owner of Cheerful Strength. 

I  am opening the Emporium with six of my designs. I want to share a little more background on the artwork in our initial collection, and my inspiration for them. (Additional designs will be released later this year.)

As you may have noticed, I love to work in rich jewel tones and bright colors!
They remind me of the chakras - red for Root first chakra, orange for Sacral second chakra, yellow for the Solar Plexus, green for the Heart, turquoise for the Throat, deep blue for the Third Eye, and purple and white for the Crown chakra. 
I  find that these colors lift my spirit. I hope they do the same for you.
Occasionally, I explore working with pastels, Earth-tones, and greyscale for certain subjects or moods.

I am drawn to ancient symbols with positive meanings. I use them in my art with deep respect for all they represent. I think it is important to keep these symbols, and the concepts they invoke, in the forefront of our consciousness. For me, they are part of a universal language of Love, Respect, and Kindness which exists in cultures around the world.

I've always been fascinated by interlocking patterns - Celtic knots, Moroccan geometrics, lace, tiled floors, kaleidoscopes, and mandalas. 
I  work with patterns in many different ways in my art. They symbolize the interconnected nature of all Beings.

Throughout my work you will see evidence of the tremors in my hands. I used to resist this but now I am learning to embrace it and incorporate the results into my process. Alex Grey gave me a wonderful insight during the Visionary Art workshop at the Omega Institute. He said: "Maybe your style is just a little seismographic."  
Cool! I can work with that. 
A quick glimpse of  a work in progress. 

"Colorful Swirls " digital art by Hilary Oak
You are stardust
"You Are Stardust"  digital art by Hilary Oak
The ancient symbol for "Aum" or "Om" floats in a galaxy of colorful starburst.
Aum represents the vibration of all things.
This design is a reminder that we are all connected.
Each of us is a child of the Universe.
No less than the trees and the stars, we have the right to be here!
"Joyful Heart" by Hilary Oak
"Joyful Heart" ~ digital Art by Hilary Oak
The heart is an international, non-verbal expression of Love, and we can all use a little more Love in the world. 
This design reflects the energetic, exciting, multi-level joy of sharing Love - love for friends, family, pets, lovers, and total strangers.
Spread it around!

As Diana Ross sang ~
"What the world needs now is Love, sweet Love,
No, not just for some, but for everyone."
Galactic Confetti SWATCH
"Galactic Confetti" ~  digital Art by Hilary Oak
I love playing with dots and splotz! 
There is something very liberating to let go of  pre-conceived notions, and just explore and trust what whimsy brings to the table.

This design says:
"Life is a gift! Come join the party and celebrate the day!!
Electric Lace SWATCH
"Electric Lace" ~  digital Art by Hilary Oak
This piece is a bit of kinetic energy! 

I have always liked the way pastel colors and jewel tones pop against a black background. 

The interconnected, but slightly glitchy  pattern is kind of like Life : there's diversity, connection, brushes with destiny, light and dark, repetition, and randomness. 
Stand back and see how they all contribute to the kaleidoscope of experience!
Ripples in Deep Rainbows swatch
"Ripples in Deep Rainbows" ~  digital Art by Hilary Oak
This design is all about flow. 

The ebbs and eddies along the way make the journey more interesting.

There's an old saying, "Without the rocks, the stream would not laugh!"
Relief Leaf swatch
"Relief Leaf" ~  logo design by Hilary Oak
I designed this logo for a new hemp farm near Schnectady NY.

The owner had a very clear vision of a medical caduceus symbol intertwined with a thriving hemp plant.  The design includes the roots to represent the connection to the Earth and the life-giving soil. It glows with the radiance of the sun that helps the plants grow full of healing properties.

More designs coming soon...

Come back often to see what's new! 

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