What is Cheerful Strength?

Cheerful Strength is a philosophy, a way of thinking. It’s a practice of going through the world with courage, compassion, and joy.  We hope to inspire your own cheerful strength!

Cheerful Strength is a company that offers art and ideas to promote positive energy and courageous kindness for the Earth and all her Beings.

Cheerful Strength is a source for colorful, original art on clothing, bags, accessories, and home goods. 
We offer quality items to bring more joy and ease to your life.
See the full array of cool things available for sale in our  Emporium of Cool Things  ~ Where fun meets functional with a spiritual twist!

Cheerful Strength is the studio of Hilary Oak - artist and surface designer.

Cheerful Strength is an allegory of the artist’s name: Hilary is from the same root as hilarious, and the Oak tree is an ancient symbol of strength. 

Cheerful Strength is located in the Hudson Valley of New York State, US.

two Oak leaves and heart
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