Emerging from "Immersion"

Immersion Gifts

At the end of April 2021, I completed Bonnie Christine's "Immersion" - an eight-week course for learning Surface Pattern Design.

Wow!! I've learned so much in the last two months.

The course included an in-depth introduction to the wonders and mysteries of Adobe Illustrator, which is like learning a language from another planet. I have only scratched the surface of this amazing graphics tool, but I already feel empowered to work with my digital designs in lots of new ways.

Another important component of the course was learning about the industry of Surface Design, including how to research potential manufacturers, contact art directors, build an audience, present my work and develop a portfolio. The possibilities are very exciting.

Surface Design Envelopes
The envelopes from our weekly inspiration postcards.
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The 6 postcards created a lovely floral puzzle.

We also received a delightful packet of useful postcards with keyboard shortcuts, checklists, design references, and idea prompts. And there were lots of other little gifts designed to encourage and inspire, even a graduation mug! (My mug arrived with a broken handle so it proudly serves as a paintbrush holder :~)

Perhaps best of all was the supportive and encouraging community that "Immersion" created. Bonnie Christine and her team of creative professionals, and all of the students from around the world, freely shared their skills and knowledge with a joyful attitude that centers around a general philosophy that "You can do this!", and that each person has a unique creative vision to share.

My experience in "Immersion" will last a lifetime. It has inspired me to copyright my first 10 images, print my first 2 card designs, and start putting my designs on clothing and other items. (Stay tuned for the opening of our Cheerful Strength Emporium of Cool Things where these items will soon be available for purchase...)

Most importantly, this wonderful experience gave me a new mindset and encouraged me to invest in myself as an artist. Many, many Thanks to Bonnie Christine and her fabulous team of creative women!

~ Hilary Oak

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