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Cheerful Strength presents:

The Emporium

of Cool Things

My work is available on a variety of gift items. See below for currently available gifts. New items are created often, so please check back to see what's new. You can also sign up for the Cheerful Strength Newsletter, or follow Cheerful Strength on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on new offerings.

Cheerful Strength Designs are also available for licensing.
Please contact me to discuss how my designs can be used on your products or promotional materials.

Jeweltone Om Pattern


Cheerful Strength Designs are created by Hilary Oak.
My purpose is to create art that raises the frequency of the world by sharing a positive message of Joy, Peaceful Energy, and the Courage to Love and support each other.

I work with symbols and words that convey the interconnected nature of all things, and recognize the Divine center in each of us.

I am drawn to jewel tones and bright colors that lift the spirit. I like to work with rich, saturated colors to convey bold joy. Sometimes I work with soft pastels to soothe and calm the soul.

Occasionally, I explore monochromatic tones to play with shapes and textures, and explore the subtle shades of difference in our world.
Within this magical portal you will find a kaleidoscope of fun and practical items featuring designs by Hilary Oak. 

Our mission is to share positive energy and courageous kindness for beautiful planet Earth, and all her Beings. 

Through color and composition, our designs convey the interconnectedness of all things and the joy of living in this moment.
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